Cities and urban counties have never been more important to America’s future. 

They are critical engines of our economy and the birthplace of new industries. From steam engines to electricity to the automobile, cities have often been the proving ground for new technologies and innovations that benefit the entire nation.


The potential for urban centers to incubate, test, and adopt new ideas that can change the world remains just as true today. New advances promise to help tackle our nation’s pressing challenges around climate change, economic opportunity, and social justice.


But they can’t do this work alone. 

The Coalition for Urban Innovation is bringing together like-minded organizations and individuals from academia, non-profits and the private sector to reimagine urban infrastructure, drive innovation, and transform our cities and urban counties. 


The federal government has long been a key partner helping to unlock the full potential of urban innovation, from support for the highways that first connected our communities to the GPS systems that now help us navigate them.


As Congress and the Administration consider historic plans to invest in our infrastructure and expand clean energy and energy efficiency solutions, now is the time for the federal government to invest in the next generation of technologies and innovations that can keep American cities at the forefront of the global economy — and lead our nation toward a more sustainable and equitable future.

Advisory Board


Rohit T. Aggarwala

Executive in Residence, Closed Loop Partners; Senior Fellow, Cornell Tech

Story Bellows

Partner, CityFi

Richard Florida

Urbanist, Professor University of Toronto, Author Rise of the Creative Class

Mark Gorenberg

Managing Director, Zetta Venture Partners

Kiran Jain

General Counsel, Replica

Bruce Katz

Director, Nowak Metro Finance Lab, Drexel University

Shabazz Stuart

Founder and CEO, Oonee; Board member, StreetsPac